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identity. ideas. industry.

Deconstructing, analysing a rebuilding. Firstly these words are translated in graphic signs to create a visual representation of the process investigated during the course. Additionally the different phases are highlighted in pink, to keep cohesion and structure while drawing attention to the specific word/focus. All the artworks are designed to fit different formats.
IDENTITY ‘I encourage you to unearth your own, unique movement qualities. When you are able to articulate these, for yourself above all, it is my belief that you can own them, discard them, manipulate them and make more conscious decisions about your practise.
IDEAS ‘There are various ways to create work. Often when we find one that works, we neglect other possibilities. With time and space to play, we can deconstruct our movement language, how we listen to music (if we need music at all!) and the relationship between the two.
INDUSTRY ‘If we are to create sustainable careers for ourselves, it is imperative to treat the business aspect of the industry with as much respect and attention as we do our craft. From building a strong CV to minimum rates across the industry via self employment, taxes, contract and etiquette, we’ll unpack the troubles and arm ourselves with the tools needed to take control of our careers.
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instagram graphic poster ideas tali
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Clothing brand.
Feminine and delicate visual identity.
The wordmark and the patterns resemble the shapes of curled hair, reinterpreting curves and twirls in an abstract and minimalistic design.
The Coral pink, in contrast with the whites and black accentuates a young and feminine yet slick vibe of the brand.

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