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Artworks created for Shows and Dance Events. 
Optical art, Surrealism, and Collage inspired the visuals for the Invites, Brochures and Posters of the shows.
Elastic Thread Choreographed by Alek Palinski And Evelina Stampa (Switzerland)
Workshop with Emma Portner (UK)
Dance Adventures (UK)
Brain by RAGE (Italy)
Prospective by RAGE (Italy)
Timelapse by RAGE (Italy)


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poster design dance workshop


Dark tones and a Mysterious, spooky vibe to match the theme and theatrical aesthetic of the show.
Photography: Nik Pate
Each city had an individual poster dedicated to a cast member.The Suffocating Truth was UnTitled’s 1st UK tour. It aimed to encourage young people to engage with their sexuality. The intimate performance, inspired by contemporary issues and personal stories, followed the dancers on their journey to acceptance and self-discovery through gender and sexuality.
With no fourth wall between audience and stage, the public was a part of the dancers’ struggle to find acceptance as they explored their sexuality and discovered that every lesson learnt brought them closer to true happiness in a darkly intense and personal performance. Choreographed and produced by: Lukas McFarlane
More about UnTitled dance company here
Lukas mcfarlane suffocating truth posters


Freaky art show takes place twice a year in Paris at the historical Venue Palais de Glaces.
It started as a dance showcase and gradually widened the range of acts to different art mediums.
More about Julia Spiesser.
The graphic style is inspired by Art nouveau, enhanced with surrealistic elements and a vibrant pop colour palette.
From the “Affiche” for the theatre’s Foyer, to all the deliverables for social media all the collaterals are designed following the overall vintage vibe with a modern twist. See more Posters here.
freaky art work show France Julia spiesser
posters freaky art show juba